Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy

What is Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy (BCST)?

BCST honours its origins as a part of Osteopathic medicine. 

It has a clear understanding of the energetic forces in the body, the fluid systems, and the body structures and functions. Health challenges are created from unresolved life experience becoming encapsulated within human system. BCST works with the primary energy impulse in the body, “the Breath of Life”, which is the core of our Being therefore providing a profound level of healing and integration in the body system. The Breath of life manifests as very subtle ocean-tide like rhythms primarily consisting of Cranial Impulses, Fluid or Mid tide, and Long tide impulses. The practitioner listens to each tidal expression of the client's body system helping to enable the body's innate self-corrective functions or abilities physically, mentally, and emotionally.

BCST is a very light hands on healing art. Through the series of sessions, clients experience greater vitality and an improvement in symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and depression which are Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) related conditions, Muscular-skeletal conditions, Emotional issues, and Trauma issues. BCST is one of the truly holistic healing modalities. 

Q and A

What is BCST good for?
Releasing tension, discomfort, and the pain of ANS related symptoms, easing of emotional and psychological issues, and opening the doors to our hearts and souls by connecting to our Core Being “The Breath of Life”.

How is it holistic?
This therapy understands the holographic features of the human system and works with the core of our Being (The Breath of Life) influencing all the layers physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Why is it biodynamic?
Life is movement and the tidal motions of the cranial, fluid, and long tide rhythms, primary respiration, and innate body intelligence are all organically operating for the optimal health of the human system. 

What does cranio sacral mean?
The Cranium is our head bones and the Sacrum is the triangular bone in between the hip bones. Between the cranial and sacral bones is the spinal cord and Cerebral Spinal Fluid, our physical and energetic centre line which contains the brain, and the Autonomic Nervous System and are major factors to maintaining our optimum health. BCST supports the physical and energetic core of the body. 

Where does it come from?
Osteopath Dr. Sutherland discovered the presence of subtle rhythms of body which he later named “the primary respiration” because it is a more fundamental life rhythm than the lung respiration. Dr. Franklin Sill started to teach Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy based on the primary respiration which is the body's inherent expression of life force “The Breath of Life” and he perceived that the human body was more than just physiological system with bones, blood, and muscles. He was influenced deeply by and practised Buddhist philosophy. Dr. Roland Baker's tidal rhythms and Quantum Physicist Dr. David Bohm's holographic concept were big influences in the development of BCST. 

What is a session like?
Very light touch hands on therapy usually lasting about an hour. The client is fully clothed and lays on the massage table for 30-40 min while the practitioner guides self and body awareness exercises to help with connecting to feelings and inner body sensations both during and after the session. The BCST practitioner listens to and acknowledges the body's always available optimal health in harmony with the pace of the client's own system. 

How many sessions are needed to see an improvement in my symptoms? 

At least 6 sessions in a row will help to build up connections and understanding of the body's deep processes. This will allow the integration of body functions and meanings of symptoms. Depending on the client's body's innate intelligent decisions and their self awareness level, even one session can go to a very deep level of integration and healing space. Because BCST is a client centred process, decisions are made by client's body intelligence and the practitioner acknowledges that and follow it respectfully. This is why healing can be so deep and safely last long time. 

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